Many people look to massages as a great way to relieve tension or stress and to help relax. Yet, most would tell you that they maybe get massages once a month or even less often. Different things can get in the way like costs, free time or even the need for a massage. If you enjoy getting the occasional massage, these are just some of the additional benefits you can be getting for your body if you started to make your massages more regular and consistent.


Regular massages are a great way to help manage your stress levels. They’ve been proven to decrease Cortisol and Insulin levels while also lowering any negative health responses that can occur with chronic stress. It’s also been shown that massages can help improve your digestion and decrease a higher heart rate. They also help you sleep better as they stimulate Delta Brainwave activities that induce a deeper sleep.


This is great to remember as you get older- massages greatly help your circulation! This will help keep your skin looking youthful with the high blood flow and increased oxygen to tissues. It is also shown that regular massages will help lower your blood pressure.

Increases Your Immunity

Massages help to stimulate the production of white blood cells all throughout your body. This helps to filter out toxins and waste products and helps your body fight viruses and other bacteria. Massages will also improve lymphatic circulation which helps your blood stay cleaner and will help prevent infections from occurring.

Prevents Injuries & Muscle Strain

Getting regular massages will help release tension all throughout your muscles and lead to increased production in relaxing hormones. They also help to stimulate joint fluid production which helps with elasticity and flexibility in your joints. By preventing injuries and strains throughout your body, you won’t have to be taking pills and medications for pain relief in the event of injuries.

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